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Deadline: White House, February 12, 2018, 720p

Duration: 43 Minutes

Discussed Today:

What's the real reason behind Rachel Brand's sudden departure from the DOJ?

@NicolleDWallace w/ @NatashaBertrand @Elise_Jordan @BretStephensNYT @DonnyDeutsch & A.B. Stoddard discuss.

"He doesn't seem to have a handle on ... the need for operational security when it comes to handling top secret information.

This is a former 4-star general, that's staggering & an excellent reason why (John Kelly) needs to resign" - @BretStephensNYT w/ @NicolleDWallace discuss.

After hassling Clinton over emails, Trump's White House faces growing alarm over classified docs

@NatashaBertrand w/ @NicolleDWallace & A.B. Stoddard discuss

Why the Porter fallout is worse than just a political problem for Trump

@Elise_Jordan explains w/ @NicolleDWallace discuss.

What's behind Trump's impulse to defend men accused of misconduct?

@DonnyDeutsch pinpoints a likely reason w/ @NicolleDWallace

How long will the Trump White House be able to 'play by their own rules'?

@NicolleDWallace w/ A.B. Stoddard discuss

Why the Porter scandal highlights a familiar pattern for Trump

@KimberlyEAtkins w/ @NicolleDWallace discuss
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