Alan Dean Foster - Pip & Flinx (Complete) (.mobi) (14 eBooks)

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Alan Dean Foster - Pip & Flinx (Complete) (.mobi) (14 eBooks)


For Love of Mother-Not (1983)
The story of Flinx is begun in this novel, exploring his early years growing up with Mother Mastiff on the planet Moth. Young Philip Lynx is purchased in a slave auction by Mother Mastiff for one hundred credits. After years of raising the boy, whose full origins are unknown to his adoptive mother, she suddenly disappears. Flinx pursues her across the rainy world of Moth and discovers she has been kidnapped by the mysterious Meliorare Society, a group known to have experimented with eugenics that might very well be the source of Flinx’s unusual talents....

The Tar-Aiym Krang (1972)
The story follows Flinx, an orphan and a thief, as he steals a starmap from a dead body, that leads to a strange alien artifact on an abandoned world. This simple, chance adventure is the beginning of Flinx’s quest to discover the identities of his parents and the source of his strange mental abilities.

Bloodhype (1973)
The Vom is an intergalactic intelligence described as a large black blob not unlike a gigantic amoeba, impervious to almost all energy and physical attack. Following years of battle with the Tar-Aiym it has sheltered on a planet where it has gone dormant for 500,000 years, waiting for an opportunity to escape the Tar-Aiym Guardian orbiting in space above it. Carmot MMYM a commander in the AAnn Empire discovers the Vom and brings it to the planet Repler for study at a concealed AAnn base.

Orphan Star (1977)
The novel takes place in 550 A.A. (After Amalgamation in Foster’s timeline, 2950 AD). Flinx, no longer a poor orphan, is chasing a merchant to Hivehom and Terra in search of information about his parentage. Along the way Flinx is joined by Sylzenzuzex, a female Thranx member of the Commonwealth Church. His chase leads him to Ulru-Ujurr, a planet under Edict from the United Church, ostensibly because it contains a highly intelligent telepathic race. It is on Ulru-Ujurr that he discovers the mystery of his parentage and begins the childlike Ulru-Ujurrians on their "Game of Civilization".

The End of the Matter (1977)
He not only finds this man, Skua September, but also acquires a strange new alien pet Abalamahalamatandra—Ab for short—and is pursued by an assassin squad called the Qwarm. Flinx’s friends Bran Tse-Mallory and Truzenzuzex show up looking for Ab in the hope of finding an ancient weapon, thought to possibly be capable of stopping a rogue black hole; before the three inhabited planets on the black hole's course are sucked in.

Flinx in Flux (1988)
Flinx finds a woman unconscious on a riverbank deep in the jungles of Alaspin where he has gone to release Pip’s offspring. The woman, Clarity Held, turns out to be a research scientist last working on the inhospitable world of Longtunnel. He returns Clarity to her research station, only to encounter his old friends, the Ulru-Ujurrians, who help him psychically touch the threat that drove the ancient alien race, the Xunca, from the known universe.

Mid-Flinx (1995)
As the story opens, Flinx is at loose ends, looking for peace and quiet on a backwater world. But the local bully takes a shine to Flinx's longtime companion, an empathic and poisonous flying snake, or minidrag, and insists on buying it....

Reunion (2001)
Flinx has returned to Earth for only the second time in his life to search out the records of the extensive computer network known as the Shell that is maintained by the Unified Church. To do so he uses his empathic Talent to seduce Elena Carolles, a security guard in the Shell, and convinces her to allow him direct access to the most secure databanks. In the Shell he discovers a new bit of data about his mysterious past, information about the Meliorare Society, but the file containing this data has already been stolen by an operative hiding behind the front company Larnaca Nutrition....

Flinx's Folly (2003)
While on Goldin IV looking for new experiences, Flinx accidentally renders unconscious a group of twenty innocent bystanders when his Talent starts projecting to others in his immediate vicinity. He and the others are hospitalized but unhurt; knowing he is still wanted by the Commonwealth for his past crimes, Flinx gives a false name and slips out of the hospital, but to no less danger. He is now being pursued by the Order of Null, a quasi-religious group that worships death itself as expressed in the great evil that is approaching the Commonwealth—the same great evil that Flinx is able to sense and communicate with through his Talent....

Sliding Scales (2004)
In Sliding Scales Flinx is confounded by how to proceed with his life. He abandoned his injured girlfriend, Clarity Held, on the planet New Riviera under the protection of his friends Truzenzuzex and Bran Tse-Mallory (see events in Flinx's Folly) with the understanding he would search the galaxy for the Tar-Aiym weapons platform that has once been in the system Pyrassis. Not knowing where to go to start the search, Flinx first visits his homeworld of Moth, then broods as his ship, Teacher takes in aimlessly through the galaxy. Teacher’s AI suggests something unusual to take him out of his funk: a vacation. This is followed another surprising suggestion: that he take the vacation in an isolated world that lies within an area of space that is claimed by both the AAnn Empire and The Humanx Commonwealth; a near-desert planet named Jast....

Running from the Deity (2005)
Continuing his pursuit of the alien weapon’s platform, the Krang, Flinx finds himself heading into the Blight—where the Krang has presumably gone—but is informed by his ship, Teacher, that repairs are necessary before they can continue. The repairs can be simply done by Teacher’s autonomic controls, but the need for raw materials force Flinx to land the entire KK-drive ship on the world of Arrawd....

Trouble Magnet (2006)
Although he is supposed to be searching for the planet-sized Krang weapons platform in the uninhabited Sagittarius sector, Flinx finds himself sidetracked once again to a new planet, Visaria. On the planet he gets mixed up in the affairs of a youth gang and the local criminal mob and discovers yet another bit of information about himself.

Patrimony (2007)
Once again diverting from his assigned task of finding the ancient Tar-Aiym weapon that will help save the galaxy from the approaching evil, Flinx lands on the planet Gestalt, known as Tlel to its natives, looking for his father....

Flinx Transcendent (2009)
After his realization that civilization, both humanx and otherwise, is worth saving, Flinx sets out to find the ancient weapons platform built by the long extinct Tar-Aiym race to use against the Great Evil approaching the Commonwealth....

Chronological Series Reading Order:
01 - For Love of Mother-Not (1983) ISBN 0-345-30511-6
02 - The Tar-Aiym Krang (1972) ISBN 0-345-29232-4
03 - Orphan Star (1977) ISBN 0-345-25507-0
04 - The End of the Matter (1977) ISBN 0-345-25861-4
05 - Flinx in Flux (1988) ISBN 0-345-34363-8
06 - Mid-Flinx (1995) ISBN 0-345-38374-5
07 - Reunion (2001) ISBN 0-345-41867-0
08 - Flinx's Folly (2003) ISBN 0-345-45038-8
09 - Sliding Scales (2004) ISBN 0-345-46156-8
10 - Running from the Deity (2005) ISBN 0-345-46159-2
11 - Bloodhype (1973) ISBN 0-345-25845-2
12 - Trouble Magnet (2006) ISBN 0-345-48504-1
13 - Patrimony (2007) ISBN 978-0-345-48507-6
14 - Flinx Transcendent (2009) ISBN 978-0-345-49607-2
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