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Heaven and Earth  (1993)

RUNNING TIME:   140 min.

COUNTRY: United States

DIRECTOR: Oliver Stone

SCREENWRITER: Oliver Stone (Autobiography: Le Ly Hayslip)

COMPOSER:       Takashi Kako

CINEMATOGRAPHER: Robert Richardson

CAST: Tommy Lee Jones,  Hiep Thi Le,  Joan Chen,  Bussaro Sanruck,  Haing S. Ngor,  Debbie Reynolds

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Warner Bros. Pictures

GENRE: Drama

SYNOPSIS: In this final film of his Vietnam trilogy, Oliver Stone turns his cameras away from the experience of the American combatants to focus on the devastating effect of the war on the Vietnamese people. Starring Hiep Thi Le as Phung Le Ly, it recounts the epic journey of her life, which began in an idyllic village in Central Vietnam living as her people had lived for thousands of years. When the war broke out, she was plunged into a maelstom, trapped between the forces of North and South. Separated from her family, Le Ly was imprisoned by the South Vietnamese, who used an assortment of tactics on her, including electric shock treatment, and upon release from prison, she was raped by a vicious gang of Viet Cong. After escaping to Saigon, she becomes pregnant by an employer and is fired. She turns to prostitution to survive, until Steve Butler (Tommy Lee Jones), an American Special Forces officer, impulsively asks her to marry him and return to America with him. She agrees to marry him and moves with him to San Diego but finds that, after a life in the military, he has a more difficult time adapting to life in the U.S. than she does. HEAVEN AND EARTH is a profoundly moving saga of resiliency in the face of unspeakable suffering.

Region: PAL


Language: Dolby Digital 5.1: Spanish, English.

Subtitles: English, Spanish, Polish, Croatian, Greek, Hebrew, Portuguese, Ungarisch, Turkish.


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- Overall Bitrate : 3'367Kbs

- Space for Video : 3'427'814KB

- HIGH/LOW/TYPICAL Bitrates: 4'295/2'646/3'367 Kbs
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