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Morning Joe, HOUR ONE, December 05, 2017 720p

Duration: 44 Minutes

SOME of the following guests appeared and items discussed, in this FIRST HOUR version of Morning Joe:

Today's guest list:

Susan Del Percio, Harold Ford Jr., Heidi Przybyla,

Vaughn Hillyard, Adm. James Stavridis, Josh Earnest,

Michael Steele, Peter Alexander, Rep. Tim Ryan,

McKay Coppins, Amb. Michael McFaul, Mike Lupica,

Dominic Chu, James Redford and more!!!

How 'rock solid' Flynn was 'seduced' by Trump.

Fmr. Adm. James Stavridis discusses his working history with Michael Flynn and why he says Flynn was seduced by the Trump White House.

Future of clean energy moves ahead in Trump era.

President Trump reduced the size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante, two national monuments in Utah, on Monday. Director James Redford discusses his new doc on clean energy and Trump's impact on the environment.

Mika Brzezinski says 'no thank you' to Facebook's Messenger Kids.

Facebook has announced the development of Messenger Kids, which allows kids access to its messaging platform but with parental controls. Joe and Mika react to Messenger Kids.

Mike Pence considered a 'coup' after release of 'Access...

Mike Pence was ready to take Donald Trump's place as the party's nominee in 2016 following the release of the controversial 'Access Hollywood' tape, according to new reporting by the Atlantic's McKay Coppins. Coppins joins Morning Joe to discuss his new report 'God's Plan for Mike Pence'.

Republican tax bill could trigger a 'recession', says congressman.

Rep. TIm Ryan, D-Ohio, joins Morning Joe to discuss his thoughts on the Republican tax plan, and why he believes it could trigger a recession in the United States.

Joe Scarborough: Trump thinks taking on Mueller like taking on...

Did K.T. McFarland, the former WH deputy national security adviser, lie about what she knew regarding Michael Flynn's contact with Russia? The Morning Joe panel breaks down the latest revelations.

GOP strategist reacts to Moore support, says party about to...

President Trump is now fully on board and backing controversial Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Similiarly, the RNC is back supporting Moore as well. GOP strategist, Susan Del Percio, says the party is about to lose her over a move like this.

'What was he thinking?' Paul Manafort worked on op-ed piece.

Federal prosecutors filed an objection citing former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort’s recent efforts while out on bail to ghost-write an opinion piece with a man linked to Russian intelligence. If published, the op-ed would have violated a gag order in the case.

Donald Trump's attorney makes himself a target of Special...

Donald Trump's tweet about firing Michael Flynn, which his attorney John Dowd stated he wrote, and Dowd's comment that the president cannot obstruct justice is shocking Washington for another day.
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