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Meet The Press Daily with Chuck Todd, December 01, 2017 720p

Duration: 44 Minutes


Appearing on #MTPDaily:

@SenatorRounds, @SenatorCantwell and @RepCheri

On tonight's #MTPDaily panel:

Daniella Gibbs Leger of @amprog, @carolelee and @BradOnMessage

@chucktodd says:

"Bob Mueller has a job right now because the president of the United States was so desperate to protect Mike Flynn that he may of obstructed justice on this,"

@chucktodd on the latest on the Flynn statement:

"This feels as if Flynn is going to be what connects Kushner to this."

Republicans are breaking four big promises in the Senate tax bill.

@RepCheri says:

public 'deserves better' when it comes to harassment in politics.

@SenatorCantwell says:

Senate should 'slow down' on tax plan.

Senate GOP on verge of passing massive tax bill.

@RepCheri on the harassment in politics:

Congress "should be held to a higher standard."

@SenatorRounds joins #MTPDaily to discuss:

The Senate GOP is on the verge of passing massive tax bill.
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