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The Beat with Ari Melber, December 01, 2017 720p

Duration: 44 Minutes


Discussed today:

Trump on Flynn's plea: He “turned on me”.

A new report from “The Daily Beast” reveals Trump was privately concerned for weeks Mueller flipped Michael Flynn in the Russia investigation as we learn Trump was pressuring Senators to end their probe.

The explosive video that shows how Flynn flipped.

MSNBC Chief Legal correspondent Ari Melber breaks down the key moments that led to Michael Flynn flipping, and shows their new significance, through the lens of Mueller’s newly released plea documents.

New Mueller Document: Flynn Did Not Act Alone.

Flynn’s guilty plea reveals he did not act alone and agrees to cooperate with Mueller turning over “all evidence of crimes.” What happens next with a White House staff “blindsided” and on edge?

Flynn Flips: Lied on Russia outreach, Russia coordination, U.N...

Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI in Mueller’s Russia investigation and signs a cooperation agreement to help Mueller solve crimes. Ari Melber on the core four facts Flynn admitted.
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